Your Progress Is Our Passion

Chiropractic Care for Couples and Families in Tulsa OK

Our vision for your life is simple. We want you to experience as little pain and sickness as possible, be physically able and strong your entire life, fulfill your destiny and enjoy all your days.

Unfortunately for most of the world, this vision is a pipe dream. Most people suffer needlessly, living in pain with chronic ailments, living on medication, degenerating to the point of surgery, ending life in misery and spending thousands of dollars on medical care just to extend their life a few months. Decades of misery followed by spending your children’s inheritance at the end of your days is not my idea of the abundant life Jesus Christ died to give us.

That is why we are here. We do this work because we know that although it is not the only thing you can do to improve your health, we believe it is by far the single most powerful thing you can do to see that healthy vision come to life.

We would like you to understand first and foremost that we are here for you, not for us. Everything we say and recommend has only one intention and purpose, and that purpose is for you to see continual progress in your health and stability. What pleases us more than anything is to see a patient make continual progress. Although progress can be slow at times, we expect every single patient to feel better and get more stable as they are under care.

That said, there is a small minority of people who have damaged themselves so badly, or have been mis-aligned so long, or have such physically challenging jobs/hobbies/lifestyles that they will only experience minimal stability. We encourage those patients to change the things they can. If there are destructive activities that the patient cannot/will not change, then our job is to keep them as comfortable and as strong as possible so they can continue to do what they want/need to do and enjoy life as much as possible.

Our experience in our Seattle practice tells us that the majority people can hold corrections for at least a month if care is managed properly and many can hold corrections for 2-3 months.

We want to provide you with the best opportunity to get a stable spine, maximize your potential, and enjoy your life. Your job is to follow the recommendations and be patient as your body recovers. Our experience is this, the closer you adhere to our instructions, the better you will do. The less you follow our recommendations, the less results and progress you will see. It is just that simple.

One thing we guarantee you, we will never mix what is in your best interest with what’s in our best interest. We will never mix our financial needs or desires with your patient care. Our motives will always be pure and we intend to give you our best effort every day, every visit, every correction!

We do believe it is in your best interest to keep your spine in alignment for the rest of your life, but our mandate is to keep it that way with as few visits as necessary. It is always up to you, but at no point is it a good idea to leave pressure on your brainstem. The good news is that we not only have the right heart for your care, but we also have the knowledge and experience to help you get as stable as possible.

At Health & Stability Spinal Care, your progress is truly our passion!

Please let us know if you would like us to evaluate you and come up with a customized plan to help you on your journey to getting your correction to hold.

May God bless you with abundant health,
Dr. Nick Bagnaro

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