Why Should I See a NUCCA Doctor?

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NUCCA is different. And that makes all the difference in the world.

So many children experience multiple colds and flus each year. So many adults experience pain on a regular basis. Too many seniors are on too many medications. People have watched their energy wane, their health slowly decline over the years. They have asked questions and searched for answers, only the answers given have not been satisfactory or have only addressed a part of the problem. People are looking for a different approach. One that addresses the problem, gives them hope, offers long term support and answers. They want to be empowered and excited again. They want to live the life of vitality they always saw themselves living.

This Is The Difference NUCCA Care Offers.

NUCCA stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. It is a highly advanced procedure within the field of chiropractic which was created in 1966 but has its roots in the original chiropractic technique from the 1920s. As technologies have changed, NUCCA has refined and modernized the art and science for the detection and correction of the Atlas Sublxation Complex.

All chiropractors are trained in the detection of vertebral subluxation. What makes the NUCCA Procedure unique is the way it views the spine, what it evaluates for, and the specificity with which it can correct the imbalanced spine. Each of the 24 vertebrae in the spine sits on top of one another like a tower stacked chairs. When one vertebra moves slightly off center, it moves the one on top and the one below. And so on up and down the spine. NUCCA doctors recognize the spine is one whole unit–the entire spine is either in alignment or it’s not. There is never just one vertebra out of place. NUCCA doctors acknowledge that the source of spinal imbalance begins with atlas (C1) misalignment leading to nerve impingement at the brain stem. NUCCA doctors call this as the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

Because NUCCA doctors begin from this view, they evaluate how the whole body is working. The Atlas Subluxation Complex can cause altered body function in any system or area of the body. Initially, this is seen physically–unequal leg length, spinal curvature and imbalance, head tilt. Eventually, altered function leads to symptoms–the body’s way of telling us it is being challenged. If the atlas misalignment is left uncorrected, over time, the Atlas Subluxation Complex will cause or contribute to illness and chronic disease.

NUCCA doctors use their unique physical exam to determine if an atlas misalignment exists. They use specific head and neck xrays to determine how to accurately correct the misalignment. The atlas vertebra can misalign in 10,000 different ways, so it is highly unlikely that two people have the same misalignment. Measurements taken from preliminary x-rays provide the mathematical formula to return the skull, atlas vertebra and entire spine to their balanced position within the body. This formula is unique to each person, similar to our fingerprint. Like a combination lock, once you have the correct combination, very little force is needed to open the lock. So to with “unlocking” the spine.

Knowing a person’s unique formula enables the NUCCA doctor to fully correct the spine, thus leading to increased spinal stability and 90% fewer corrections than with traditional chiropractic care. The NUCCA correction gently and effectively corrects (realigns) the entire spine from the source of misalignment and opens up optimal central nervous system communication and function. The NUCCA correction is done by hand; it is safe, gentle, effective, and does not involve twisting, cracking, or popping of the head, neck or back. Post correction x-rays are used to show exactly what was done and how much correction was achieved. X-rays eliminate guesswork and are a safe and necessary part of this procedure.

The NUCCA Procedure is a highly advanced chiropractic technique that has been crafted over the years to offer the most specific way of determining exactly how a spine is misaligned. NUCCA offers an accurate, specific, measurable, and reproducible way to fully correct spinal misalignment and restore optimal nervous system function. Typically, postural and neurological improvements are seen immediately after the first correction. From that point on, our goal is to strengthen and support the body as it heals and holds its optimal position for increasingly longer periods of time.

Most people seek NUCCA care after being subluxated for many years. Once corrected, the body has a tendency to return to its imbalanced posture, but to a lesser degree, until sufficient spinal stability and nervous system healing occur. Each time the ASC is detected on examination, the NUCCA doctor uses the same formula, applies the same correction, and expects the same result–that the body will return to its balanced and fully-functioning state. This leads to the highest likelihood of spinal stabilization, maximizes our self-regulation and self-healing potential, and results in more consistent health benefits.

Why See A NUCCA Doctor?

You should see a NUCCA Doctor because it offers us the real possibility of optimal body function. In turn, this affords us hope: Hope that our pain will go away; hope that we will be able to lift our children, or play golf, or travel. Hope of living our potential the way we saw it years ago. Hope of truly being healthy, not just “not being sick”.

NUCCA care offers us the possiblility of a new future of improved health in a way that is not achieved with any other procedure or technique available today. It provides us, through optimizing our body’s normal function, the foundation from which true wellness flows.

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