Chiropractor Nick Bagnaro D.C.

Chiropractor Tulsa OK Nick BagnaroDr. Nick grew up in Tulsa and attended Union High School, The University of Oklahoma and Palmer College of Chiropractic. After graduating he opened a NUCCA practice in Redmond, WA. After 6 successful years, he was led by the Lord to sell his practice and return to Tulsa. He is passionate about seeing his patients maximize their health, quality of life and hold their spinal corrections for as long as possible. He is committed to giving his best effort to every patient on every visit.

I am passionate about seeing people well because until I found NUCCA care I suffered from terrible back pain for 5 years and severe asthma 18 years. After starting NUCCA care I also began to sleep all through the night (I used to wake up about 12 times/night) and eventually became free of allergies.

After 2 months of care my low back and asthma were about 80% improved! The last 20% of these symptoms steadily went away over the next five and half years.

When done properly, this care is so much more than just relief from pain and symptoms. Besides relief, we offer patients the opportunity to get stable and be well for life, so they can actually get better with age rather than get worse.

I am eternally thankful to Jesus Christ for letting me find this care, and honored to give it back to others so they can get healthy and fulfill the call that He has on their lives.

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