Program Q&A

Chiropractic Care for Couples and Families in Tulsa OK

1. What Happens on the First Visit?

The first visit is for the initial examination which includes neurological and postural exams, a NUCCA x-ray series, TOVA computer test (quantifies levels and parameters of ADHD), and Report of Findings with the doctor after all tests are finished. It is during the report that findings will be explained and recommendations will be given. A 3 month protocol of care will be recommended and all costs will be explained. The patient or parent will then get to choose if they want to begin care. The first visit lasts about 2 hours

2. How much does the Brain Rejuvenation Program Cost?

All patients begin with an initial three month program. The price varies per patient and is based upon the needs of each individual as determined by the initial exam on the first visit. An average program (which includes the first visit, upper cervical spinal care, brain balancing, at home guides, nutritional supplements, dietary recommendatons and lifestyle coachig) is $2840 for the first three months. No interest payment plans are available.

3. What can I expect on a standard visit?

Follow up visits are typically 25 minutes long.

4. What results can I expect from treatment?

Since Brain Rejuvenation is based on the health status of the individual, results will vary fro one person to the next. The benefits that someone with autism gets will be different than the benefits obtained by someone with ADD or dyslexia. Our first consultation will give us a better idea of where you are at and the benefits you can expect from our program.

That being said, here are some of the most common reported benefits:

  • Improvement and, in some cases, recovery from specific problem
  • Reduction in hyperactivity and impulsivity
  • Reduction of distractibility and improvement in attention and concentration.
  • Reduction of aggressive behavior and improvement in overall behavior and conduct.
  • Improvement in timing, coordination, balance and motor control.
    Improved motivation, self-esteem and socialization
    Improvement in medically unexplained physical and emotional symptoms.

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