Class IV Laser Testimonials

Neck and Back Pain

"I began laser treatments some months ago on my neck and back and had good results. Recently I had 2 laser treatments on my brain and I've had great results! I've had less pain in my head, my thinking has been more clear, my even my preaching on weekends is better! I recommend the laser very highly.

Giving praise and honor to Jesus for Dr. Nick and their staff for their care and treatment."

- Pastor James S.

Shingles, Knee and Ankle Arthritis

"Laser therapy has helped the pain and swelling in my knee and ankle arthritis and the pain, burning and itching with shingles is gone!"

- Desma

Shoulder Pain, Scar Tissue Formation After Surgery

“Before my laser treatments I had significant pain and inflammation in my shoulder. I also had substantial strength lost as a result of my injury. After using the laser my inflammation has been reduced to almost nothing and I am out of pain! My gains in strength are also astonishing since receiving laser treatment. I have been able to reduce my pain medication and I have gotten my life back!”

- Shawn

Knee Arthritis

“After surgery I developed arthritis in my knee with pain, inflammation and swelling. The pain has been waking me up at night. I had one laser therapy appointment and the swelling has gone down a inch and a half and I’ve not been woken up with pain.”

- Karen

Disc Disease, Sciatica

"I have been treated by Dr.’s Nick and Christy Bagnaro for upper cervical care for the last few years. My case has presented them with varied challenges to achieve a constant stability in my spinal care. In the last year, they have made wonderful progress. In January of 2014, I had an event that could have possibly been a ‘slipped” or ruptured disc in my lower spine. I did not seek hospital or emergent care. Dr. Nick continued to help through spinal correction as before. We made progress, but I was still unable after several weeks to sit in a chair for more than 20 minutes at a time. On February 20,2014 I received my first laser treatment. When I came in, I was in moderate pain that day. After treatment, my pain reduced 40-50%. The sciatic pain I had was also reduced the same amount. I’ve had degenerative disc disease for several years, this treatment has provided me with remarkable reduction in pain and inflammation. I very much look forward to my next laser treatment, as I believe my road to recovery and healing will greatly improve."

- Susie

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