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The following testimonials are from various people in the child's life that were given after the initial 3 month period of care.

Case 1
Diagnosis: ADD, Dyslexia and Anxiety

Parents: "J is more mature and grounded. He now does his homework without complaining and with more pleasure. Grades in school are quickly improving."

Hip-Hop Dance teacher: "J is more alive. He is more confident and is expressing himself more when he dances."

Siblings: "J now affirms himself more. This sometimes creates some problems. He used to accept everything, he now stands by his rights."

Grand-mother: "Found that J has changed significantly. She has a better contact with him. She finds that he is now blossoming and comfortable in his own skin."

Teacher: "No longer talking about redoing the year. J has become a leader in the class. He is now very open. Blossoming. Express himself correctly and participate more in class."

Tutor: "Has seen a huge change in his reading comprehension and memory. He now makes her laugh."

Case 2
Diagnosis: Idiopathic Developmental Delay

Mother: "E is calmer overall. He can calm down more easily when he is excited. He can focus better when playing. He falls asleep more easily and stays quiet in bed until he falls asleep. In school, he has made tremendous progress. He is more attentive and works better. He draws better (he can now draw a more elaborate person). He now plays with his brother

Father: "His father reports the same progress."

One Grand-mother: "She finds is he way quieter. He now obeys to go to bed. He can now play alone for longer periods. More affectionate and now gives hugs."

Other Grand-mother: "Finds he is very courageous about the diet. He has better control over his movements, and can draw and color better. He has made big progress with counting."

Teacher: "E is calmer in class. He can now concentrate during group lessons. He still need some structure when alone. His fine motor skills are improving greatly. His memory is improving. He is more open and more sociable. Other children start appreciating him."

Case 3
Diagnosis: ADHD

Teacher: "L. is less agitated, wiggles less on his chair and does not disrupt the class anymore. He can concentrate better and is more independent. His is more organized and way less discouraged. His math abilities have improved also."

Therapist: "He is calmer, gets more involved in play and is less discouraged. He used to always say “I can’t do it. I am no good” even before he tried. Since we started the program, she reports that he does not say that anymore, tries things and is more perseverant in the face of adversity."

Parents: "There is a huge improvement in L. overall behavior. He is calmer, can concentrate better and obeys. He has become aware of the consequences of his actions and behaviors. He sleeps better. He is more open. He now looks for physical contact with me. Before, I could never hug him. Now I can. This is huge for me."

Case 4
Diagnosis: ADHD (Combined Type)

Parent: "J. plays a lot, before treatment, and without exaggerating, this had never happened. I never had to clean his room, because he never played. Because of his behavior he had no friends. He would never be invited and we were to ashamed to ask anyone to come over to our house. As I am writing this, J. is playing 'cop and thief' with his new friend V. What a joy! He is calmer, more attentive and less oppositional. He obeys better our instructions. Something has also changed in his look, his is more present. I have the feeling that 'things are way less all over the place' in his head."

Case 5
Diagnosis: ADHD (Inattentive)

At 3 months: "At first, I was worried about C. response to treatment. She was distressed and had a lot of emotional crisis. She did not feel very well. Then, after 6 weeks, things started to shift in her and she just started blossoming.The first thing we noticed is her ability to get organized. She does not forget her homework anymore, she cleans her room and she can now organize herself. She is more attentive and less distracted. Doing homework no longer takes hours. Her grades are improving. She still has difficulties with math although there is a big progress."

At 12 months: "We can’t believe the changes. C. is first of her class. Her abilities in math have just exploded. Three weeks ago, she went through the State school performance assessment and finished second in math of the all State!"

Case 6
Diagnosis: Developmental Delay

"Here are the changes we have seen in L.

  • better management of his frustration
  • marked decreased in his temper tantrums
  • he is no longer clumsy
  • he “participates” more with the family.
  • more affectionate

His psychotherapists has told us he feels more grounded and that he has opened up a lot since starting treatment.

He used to speak very loud, almost screaming at times, like if he had a hard time hearing himself. Since starting, he speaks way more quietly.

We are thankful for the program and especially its effectiveness because the treatment has been quite a burden with the long drives … but definitely worth it."

Case 7
Diagnosis: Developmental Delay with Hyperactivity

"M. has had a marked improvement in her coordination. Eating times are now a true joy: she is calmer and no longer drops her cutlery. She falls a lot less. She has better control of her body and movements. When she runs, she almost doesn’t fall any more.

She has 'found her place' within the family. Before, we had the impression she was a 'foreigner'. Now, it is like she is finally part of the family. She now plays for long periods of time with her sister.

She is more emotional. Before, she would never react. Now, she reacts when she’s upset. She plays the 'poor girl' ('you are bad parents', 'I am ugly', 'It’s always my fault') and expresses her feelings, something she would never do."

Case 8
Diagnosis: ADHD with oppositional and conduct disorder

"Since starting, there is a marked improvement of his attention while playing, doing homework and reading.

He is more motivated and has more will power to improve in school and change his behavior in general and at home.

He still has some temper tantrums but this is also markedly improved. He used to have 3 to 4 per day, now he has 4-5 per week. They usually still happen at the end of the day when he his extremely tired.

He is more polite and since about two months in the program has not gotten into any fights in school.

We are very happy with our experience because the treatment has allowed us to markedly decrease his dose of Ritalin. We have talked with our pediatrician and he has agreed to let us stop it.

But we especially appreciated your explanation of his behavior. It has helped us a lot to better understand and love F.

In school, the teacher has mentioned that she is progressing nicely. But that she is still slow compared to other when she needs to change or prepare herself in the locker room."

Case 9
Diagnosis: ADHD (hyperactivity) and anxiety

"First, thank you for this well-structured program.

M. has enjoyed coming to the sessions. He was very motivated to do the exercises at home at first, but then he “opted-out” after 1 month and did not want to do them at all.

He spoke a lot about the exercises to do on the Metronome.

Personally, I have appreciated the support and explanation of your care.

Currently, M. is calmer, more composed and his able to find resources to manage his anxiety and stress. He has a better understanding of time, what he’s doing and what he still needs to do.

His teacher says that there is a marked reduction in his impulsivity and that his memory has greatly improved.

He is still a bit slow when he needs to get started. But once he has, he now finishes what he starts.

Thank your for diagnosis, advice and treatment."

Case 10
Diagnosis: Intolerance to frustration, temper tantrums, obsession with death

"A. drawings have changed dramatically. Before the treatment he would only draw monsters with a few strokes and in black. He still draws monsters, but they are more complex and meticulous. He has started to draw other things (trees, fishes and cars). Sometimes, he now uses colors.

He has started to play with his sister, something he had never done before.

He is more tolerant to frustration. He does now longer systematically throw a temper tantrum when I say 'no'. If he still has a tantrum, he no longer hits physically. He can control his violence. He his markedly less aggressive.

According to his teacher, he has made huge progress in socialization in school."

Case 11
Diagnosis: Aspergers

Mother (who is a teacher at Union): "After first visit N verbal skills began to noticeably improve. After 1 month under care, I had noticed so much improvement in his communication that I had him retested. After 1 month N no longer tested positive for Aspergers but tested as completely normal. After another month I had him tested again and he tested as a gifted student."


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