What Makes NUCCA Care so Effective in Tulsa?

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“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree”

NUCCA is a very specific technique that corrects a misaligned spine using mathematics, physics, and biomechanics. When a spine is misaligned, the entire spine is out of alignment rather than single vertebrae at various points along the spine. With NUCCA, a very subtle correction is made from the top bone of the spine, which then corrects the entire spine and pelvis naturally. During the correction, the patient does not experience any twisting or turning of the head, neck, or back. Instead, only a slight pressure is felt below the tip of the ear. With this correction, the entire body is returned to a balanced, neutral position, which is where the body wants to be. Most importantly, NUCCA corrections take stress off the brainstem and blood vessels that drain blood out of the head. The brainstem is where superhighway between the brain and the body and it is critical to keep pressure off it to return a patient to normal function.

The Importance of Proper Balance and Alignment

The symptoms of imbalance include aches and pains, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, a weakened immune system, and disease. A misaligned spine can occur from any injury that tears loose the connective tissue holding the spine together – motor vehicle accidents, a fall, bumping your head, or even an injury that took place years before such as a difficult birth, falling off of your bike, or sports injuries as a teen. Injuries such as these cause the head and neck to move off center, which changes the biomechanics of the spine and body making it distorted and less stable.

With altered spinal biomechanics, every body movement becomes an imbalanced movement which stresses the spine at numerous points along its length and causes pain, disc problems and nerve damage. Prolonged nerve damage can affect many systems of the body. The NUCCA adjustment removes the stress points along the spine, relieving the stress on the nerves and discs, allowing them to heal.

History of the NUCCA Technique

The NUCCA technique is based on research that was performed by Dr. John Grostic and Dr. Ralph Gregory starting in 1941. This research was focused on developing a more accurate method of re-balancing the body. Their work together proved to be very successful, and eventually others joined in their pursuit. The “National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association” (NUCCA) was formed in 1966 to conduct educational seminars and the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association was formed to do extensive research related to spinal corrections and its effects on improved health. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan presented an award to Dr. Gregory in recognition of his great contribution to chiropractic science.

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